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India is a country of many different people groups. It has a rich history with stories full of mystery and intrigue. Many authors have written stories about India that have captured the imagination of people and created an image about the people of India, their ways and customs. Many movies have been made that highlight a great adventure in this country that has many traditions and worships many gods. Missionaries over the years have answered the call of God to spend their lives in preaching the gospel to the people of India.

There are many changes taking place in India but one thing remains crucial; people still need to hear the truth about Jesus Christ. Local pastors are in a spiritual battle every single day. They battle a culture that embraces just about everything as a god and denies the one true God - Jesus. Poverty still holds most of the country captive. The people of India are looking for hope and a future. Pray for this country. Pray for the local pastors that labor day and night to proclaim the truth about Jesus and the true hope in Him.



1 Billion vs. 294,764,000 in North America


3,204,000 SQ. KM vs. 21,675,000 in North America


There are 4,365 different people groups


 Hindus …………………       79%

Muslims ……………….        14%

Christians ……………..        7%

 Total Lanugages 381

NO BIBLES in ……. 236 Languages

Poverty Level ……

600 million people are in deep poverty



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