India Trip 2003

We had a great time in India.  The Lord blessed our travel, the conference, and the gospel meetings.

Pastors Conference

We had planned originally planed to have 100 pastors.  When it was all said and done there were 165 pastors that attended the conference.  All the pastors had to travel some more than 200 miles.  We provided food and a place for them to sleep. There were Bible students, young pastors, older pastors and even blind pastors at the conference.  The conference was full of prayer, energized worship, and teaching.

One of the sessions I taught on serving like Jesus and took the opportunity to wash one of the blind pastor's feet.

Reports have come in from many of the pastors that they were encouraged and have begun to put into practice what they learned at the conference.  At the end of the conference we celebrated communion with the pastors and had a time to pray over every pastor.

They have invited us to come again next year and hold another conference. 

Gospel Meetings

Each evening we held gospel meetings to preach to the lost and encourage the church.  The room was packed every evening with men, women and children sitting on the floor to hear the preaching of the word.

At the end of every service there were many people that wanted us to pray for them.  We were able to identify 45 people who responded to the Lord and received salvation. The church's prayer cell leaders are following up on those who professed Christ to prepare them to receive baptism.  

One Hindu lady accepted Christ one evening and the next day she come to the conference to hear more teaching.  
She is the lady on the right of the picture.


New Life Compassion Center Association has an orphanage they operate.  Poverty is widespread within the country and many of the children are left on their own.  Presently there are about 35 children that are supported in orphanage.  They greeted us with a welcome program. 

They presented us with a lei to honor us.

They also performed a few songs for us.  

Every time they would see me or Chandy they wanted to touch us by shaking our hands or with a hug. They would crowd as close as they could at the gospel meetings just to see if I would make eye contact and smile at them. A few times they were so close when I was preaching they would touch my feet.  It was a joy to just love on them in the name of Jesus.

Eddie and Chandy with the children from the orphanage:

Where we were in India:     

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