The most effective work for the kingdom of God will be done by people in their own country.

I want to minister Hope, Healing, and Encouragement to pastors and church leaders around the world so, they will win the hearts of their nation for JESUS!


What About the Headlines?

Read the newspapers, listen to the radio, watch the news on TV and they all want to remind you how bad the economy is and it is going to be worse before it gets better.

Some want to blame the past political administration. Some want to blame the present political administration. It is always interesting that no one admits that they are addicted to the "spend more than you have" way of life.

No wonder people are depressed, unhappy, worried, scared and fearful. The basis for their happiness and hope is based on what they possess or the status of their retirement.

Planning for the future is needed and worthwhile but it cannot become our identity. What is happening in the world has an affect on us. It should not shake us from our true identity. We are children of the King of Kings and regardless of the difficulties here we have an inheritance and hope.

Our hope is not in the political system but in the creator system. We cannot forget the truth of we are in Christ and the hope we have in Him. It is true, "In the world you will have trouble . . . but I have overcome the word" and "Greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world."


Urgent Prayer Need

December 2009

Just received word from Sam Matthews in India. There is an immediate prayer need.

The pastors in Orisa are in danger from Hindu radicals. Sam had received word that before the end of 2009 the Hindu radicals would kill 200 pastors.

These are not idle threats. Over the past couple of years persecution has increased. Some pastors were beaten, their church buildings burned and many were forced to live in the woods for a time.

Pray that God would protect these pastors and their families against the attacks.

Pray that the radical Hindus can be reached with the gospel of Jesus.


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